Treatment Center Clinic


The Treatment Center Clinic is our award-winning cancer centre specially designed for patients receiving cancer treatment. The facility encompasses all cancer treatment modalities under one roof, bringing experts from a range of specialisms to work together as a multidisciplinary team (MDT) around your treatment needs.
From the moment you arrive at our cancer centre, we’re by your side. Our teams support you throughout your care, including diagnosis, treatment, supportive services and palliative care.

Our expert cancer care

At Treatment Center Clinic we specialise in complex and acute care, providing the latest cancer treatments through the country’s most advanced private cancer network. Our cancer network includes our six standalone hospitals, outpatient centres and expert laboratories. We also partner with leading NHS teaching hospitals to provide specialist cancer care.

We provide all aspects of cancer care, and adopt the latest cancer therapies and treatment techniques in screening, diagnostics, surgery, interventional radiology, genomics, systemic anti-cancer therapies, immunotherapies, haemato-oncology, advanced cellular therapies, radiotherapy and clinical trials.

We also offer direct access to an outstanding level of personalised treatment and care, ensuring you don’t wait a moment longer than you have to. Our hospitals and treatment centres provide world-class environments with uncompromising patient safety standards, meaning that you can be sure you are receiving the very best care.

The Treatment Center Clinic welcomed its first patients on Monday 2nd April 2012. It is now a busy centre providing facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cancer and non-cancer conditions alongside Macmillan support and information services for patients, their carers and families.

We hope that the website has all of the information that you need about the Treatment Center Clinic and your visit to it; if you have any other questions before your visit then please contact the Cancer Centre team via the contact details to the right of the page.

Why do cancer patients need new treatment options?

Standard cancer treatments alone may not be as effective as combination therapy and may have unacceptable side effects.

What can the Treatment Center Clinic offer me?

The Treatment Center Clinic is undertaking a study and providing treatments that may complement and enhance standard of care therapy. Treating your cancer in combination with your existing treatment may increase its effects. The Treatment Center Clinic is a leading London cancer clinic, providing treatments that are well understood with low side effects, thereby offering an improved quality of life.

The Treatment Center Clinic is staffed by a team of leading oncologists and doctors, who are currently undertaking this study and offering this combination cancer treatment.

The medicines prescribed have already been used by large numbers of people for long periods of time. This means that their side effects are well understood and easily managed. In addition, individually, each of these medicines has been shown to have an impact on the metabolism of cancer cells.The Treatment Center Clinic uses a number of these medicines in treating patients. Data on patient outcomes that enter the study will be analysed and reported to provide future patients and health care professionals with information about combination cancer therapy.

About the Treatment Center Clinic

Treatment Center Clinic was established in October 2014 by TCC Group. Headquartered in London, TCC is involved in research and development, sales of over the counter and prescription medicines and management and operation of clinics. It undertakes all these activities in order to bring safe, effective and low cost medicines to patients in the shortest time possible to radically improve human health in major disease areas.